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Ask anyone about the hardest and most rewarding aspects of their lives and for many the answer will be the same, parenting. This is a celebration of that journey.

We live in a increasingly connected ever expanding world of over 7 billion people. This is both exciting and terrifying, to no one more so than parents. Something posted on the internet today might have millions of views by tomorrow. Anyone can view it. And anyone can post it, even our children. Like never before the world is at their fingertips. How do we prepare them for this when it’s something we are still experiencing for the first time ourselves?

As parents we are all too aware of the evils on the internet, so too, we should be aware of the many amazing resources it offers. One of the goals of this site is to pay homage to those resources, and hopefully, to add to them.

Each day our children, like sponges, suck up more and more of the world that surrounds them. Each day they are learning as they grow. How do we control their consumption? How do we teach them the lessons and the values that will guide them in life? That’s what we really care about; slowly shaping them into the individuals we want and hope they can become. But, each day time slips away. How can we succeed at such a monumental task when we are balancing parenting with work? When they don’t listen? When exhaustion sometimes makes us less than the parents we hope to be? Plus, they’re so loud! I keep telling my wife we need earmuffs for the chaos of dinner prep hour.

But it’s something we must do, we must succeed as parents! Failure is not an option. For many of us parenting is and will be the most meaningful part of our lives; our mark upon the world that will live on long after our heart’s final beat. They are the future.

We’re not naive to think we have all of the answers, what parents do? There is no road map to parenting success. Rather, it’s an every changing labyrinth with amazing highs and frustrating lows which we sometimes blindly traverse not knowing exactly where we are heading, only hoping beyond hope that if our effort is true and love for our children great enough we’ll get to where we need to go. Like you, we’re searching. Like you, we struggle. Like you, we often fail. But, like you, we figure out how to rebound from our struggles and we try again. And we try to do better. Because we must succeed.

So, who are we? We are a group of dedicated parents who believe in the value of sharing. What better resources do parents have than other parents? It’s time to come together. We want to share our stories. We want to share our triumphs. Our failures. Our struggles. Our fears. Our laughter. We want to share resources we have discovered. Our hope in doing so is that we might create a community of concerned parents that can learn from each others experiences. A shared set of valuable resources. A place where you can be reminded that you are not alone on your journey. A place where we can continue learning as they grow. Thanks for joining us on the journey. What a journey it will be!